White House: Biden to Nominate First Native American as US Treasurer

Marilynn “Lynn” Malerba, who is Native American, was nominated to be U.S. Treasurer in a historic first, Tuesday, June 21, 2022. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – President Joe Biden will nominate Marilynn Malerba as US Treasurer, making her the first Native American to hold the position, the White House said on Tuesday.”Malerba is the Chief of the Mohegan Tribe, a lifetime appointment made by the Tribe’s Council of Elders. Prior to becoming chief, she served as chairwoman of the Mohegan Tribal Council, and served in Tribal Government as Executive Director of Health and Human Services,” the White House said in a statement. “Preceding her work for the Mohegan Tribe, Chief Malerba had a lengthy career as a registered nurse, ultimately serving as the Director of Cardiology and Pulmonary Services at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital.”Malerba is a member of the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee, a seven-member committee which advises the Secretary of the Treasury on issues related to taxing Native Americans, training field agents of the Internal Revenue Service, and developing training and technical assistance to Native American financial officers.The Treasurer of the United States is responsible for the smooth running of the US Mint, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Fort Knox, and is a key liaison with the Federal Reserve. Malerba will also act as senior advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury focused on community development and public engagement.


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