WATCH: Russian Ka-52 Helicopters Eliminate Ukrainian Armoured Vehicles

 / Go to the photo bankKa-52 Alligator attack helicopter (File) / Go to the photo bankOver the past day, Russian forces eliminated at least three Ukrainian warplanes and 14 drones. In total, since the beginning of the op, Russian forces have destroyed 149 Ukrainian warplanes, 726 drones, 2,834 tanks and other armoured vehicles, and 325 rocket launchers, according to Russia’s MoD.The Russian defence ministry published a video showing Ka-52 Russian attack helicopters targeting Ukrainian command post and destroying armoured vehicles.

"Military aviation delivered strikes with guided missiles at the identified command post and stronghold of the Ukrainian armed forces. As a result, the command post of the Ukrainian nationalist unit and several armoured vehicles were destroyed", the MoD said.


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