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Video of ‘Missiles Being Launched Into Taiwan Strait’ Goes Viral on Chinese Social Media

A screeshot of a video, published by a Chinese military blogger, showing alleged missile launches as part of PLA exercises.Evgeny MikhaylovThe People’s Liberation Army is holding exercises in multiple areas around Taiwan, with reports suggesting it would be the first time the Chinese military have fired live long-range artillery across the Taiwan Strait.Several videos purportedly depicting the rocket launches amid PLA drills have been circulating on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.One of the clips, shared by a military blogger, shows an alleged launch from the shore, suggesting it took place in the Taiwan Strait.The exercises, which began at around 04:00 GMT, involve “live-fire”, according to the CCTV.At the same time, China’s MoD noted that missiles with non-nuclear warheads had been launched into the sea east of Taiwan.Beijing ordered major military drills near Taiwan after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island. The trip caused a major reaction from the Chinese government, which lambasted Washington for violating its One-China policy, and pledged to retaliate.


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