Dream Job Indeed: US Mattress Firm Looks to Hire Professional Snoozers

SleepSangeeta YadavWhat could be a better job profile than to just sleep and get paid for it? It seems like there is a chance to land such a dream job, as a large number of candidates are applying for jobs as professional sleepers.If you are mattress shopping and see someone sleeping on the bed at the showroom, don’t be shocked.US mattress company Casper is on a hiring spree as they are looking for professional sleepers to test out their products by taking a nap.For this, candidates will be paid $25 per hour for one month.Casper spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that the three applicants who are hired, “will have the flexibility to sleep and create content from locations that best express their sleep personalities.”One of the main eligibility criteria is that the candidates should be able to power nap in public and unexpected settings and have a desire to sleep as much as possible.They should also have a “deep love for deep sleep”, the company said.When sleepers aren’t snoozing on the clock, their responsibility is to create short-form videos talking about all things sleep.What is drawing attention of the people are the perks of this job which include a pajama dress code — and free Casper products.