Doom, Gloom & Stalkers: ‘Time Traveller’ Delivers Warning of Future Catastrophes in TikTok Video

ApocalypseThe warnings contained in the video supposedly originate from “a leaked document” provided by a “time traveller”, if the message at the start of the footage is to be believed.A self-described “real time traveller” has made a number of dire predictions for the rest of this year in a bizarre TikTok video.As LADbible explains, such doomsaying has apparently become somewhat of a trend online, with dozens of people who claim to be “from the future” spouting warnings about catastrophes that will allegedly befall mankind.The warning in question comes in the form of a video uploaded on TikTok by user Kawhi Leonard a.k.a. “thehiddengod1”, and starts with a warning saying that the events depicted in the clip and the dates on which said events will supposedly occur come from “a leaked document from a time traveler”.On 14 July, the video claims, “‘The Great Split’ Americas biggest earthquake” will take place.Then, on 9 August, over two million people around the world “will mysteriously disappear”, while on 3 October, “creatures known as stalkers will appear around the globe”.‘A Perfect Storm of Calamities’: When And Where Can We Expect Armageddon to Strike?20 February, 14:46 GMTWhile the video has accrued about 6.8 million views and over 454,000 “likes”, quite a few social media users who commented on it seemed rather amused by the video, rather than regarding it as a genuine prophecy, cracking jokes and making references to works of fiction such as “Avengers: Infinity War”.


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