Crocodile Acts Like a Pet Dog as Man Feeds It in Viral Video

CrocodilePawan AtriWhen people look for pets their imagination hardly goes beyond dogs, cats, horses, and parrots. However, some people believe in befriending wild animals like tigers, lions, and even crocodiles. In a video that is going crazy viral on Twitter, a crocodile could be seen behaving like a pet after emerging out of the water as a man could be seen feeding the animal. Much to the surprise of netizens, the crocodile can be seen wrapping its forelimbs around the man’s legs that are partially submerged in the water in the 15-second viral clip.At the start of the video, the crocodile could be seen moving toward the man, who is sitting on a boat with his feet dipped in the water. After the crocodile reaches the boat, the man teases the wild creature on a couple of occasions before offering the reptile some food. As the man was sitting at an elevation on the boat, and the crocodile was having difficulty catching his food, the animal takes the support of the man’s legs to stand up to eat the meat.