‘Anatomically Accurate Presidential Coin’: Quarter Featuring ‘Bust of Extraterrestrial’ Found in US

AlienOne social media users ventured a guess that the coin was “designed after hobo nickels”.A man from Michigan has recently made a peculiar discovery in the form of a coin that appears to be featuring an alien in its design.According to Newsweek, the man, who preferred to be identified simply as Jordan, said that he found the coin while “inspecting a large bag of quarter rolls, opening them one by one to look for older pieces with high silver content.”“In one of the rolls, I was immediately startled by an odd coin featuring the bust of an extraterrestrial,” he said. “It stood out in stark contrast to the bust of Washington present on the other coins.”Jordan’s find elicited a largely amused reaction from the users of Reddit where he posted the image of the coin, with one netizen jokingly describing it as an “anatomically accurate presidential coin”. The media outlet also notes that one social media user suggested that the coin was apparently “designed after hobo nickels” – a sculptural art form that involves modification of small denomination coins.


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